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Enrich your experience of Advent and prepare for Christmas with these reflections by Jesuits on Ignatian Spirituality and the meaning of Advent. To listen, click on the icon and download the audio files.

Week I - Anticipating Joy


St. Ignatius tells us to "seek God in all things." Advent is a time to seek God, and to look forward to Jesus’ coming into our lives anew at Christmas. Begin Advent with Fr. Jack Butler, SJ, Fr. Robert Farrell, SJ, and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, as they speak about Ignatian Spirituality, Advent themes and practices, and "Anticipatory Joy." 

Listen Now!  (Time: 9:50)

Week II - Using the Examen during Advent


God is at work at every moment of our lives, and calls us to respond. The Examen helps Jesuits to become more aware of God's action in everyday life. Fr. Jack Butler, SJ, and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, explain how the Examen works, and why it can be useful in Advent.

Listen Now!  (Time: 7:16)

Week III - Imaginative Prayer


St. Ignatius developed a method of slowly reading and praying with Scripture known as "Imaginative Prayer." Set aside some time to join Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ, in this guided meditation on the Incarnation and the Angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary that she would bear "the Son of the Most High" (Luke 1:32).

Listen Now!  (Time: 10:50)

Week IV - Advent Gifts and Graces


"So many people today identify themselves by what they have. It's so important to identify ourselves by what we give away," says Fr. William Russell, S.J. Listen as he and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, offer their thoughts on living in gratitude, giving gifts, and caring for the poor during Advent and at Christmas.

Listen Now!  (Time: 9:27)

About our Presenters

Fr. Jack Butler, SJFr. Jack Butler, SJ
, is the Vice President of Mission and Ministry at Boston College.







Fr. Michael Boughton, SJFr. Michael Boughton, SJ, is the director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Boston College.






Fr. Robert Farrell, SJ, is a professor of English at Boston College.







Fr. William Russell, SJFr. William Russell, SJ, is the assistant prefect of St. Mary’s Chapel at Boston College.






Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ, is a Jesuit scholastic studying theology at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.





Special Thanks To Our Producer and Musician

The New England Province of Jesuits is grateful to Shane Ulbrich, a graduate student at Boston College studying philosophy and theology, for recording, editing and producing the Advent podcasts, and to Peter Weicher, a graduate of Boston College, for providing the music.

With you always

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Advent Resources for Prayer and Reflection

This Advent the Jesuits of the Missouri Province have created a new feature on their web site, "Longing for the Lord: an Advent Examen." This simple guide to prayer links the Ignatian Examen in the second sense with another treasure of Church tradition, the O Antiphons from the Liturgy of the Hours for the week before Christmas.

The Ignatian Schola wishes you the Blessings of the Season with this beautiful Advent hymn and video, "Comfort, Comfort, O My People"



 Advent from Ignatian Spirituality