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Vocation Stories


John Predmore, SJJohn Predmore, SJ

DOB: 11/25/1961

I entered the Society of Jesus after a lengthy discernment and a conversion to Catholicism. I spent 12 successful years working in the corporate world of banking and technology, yet my heart knew that God had different plans for me.

My conversion process was slow as I resisted God's initiatives. After two years of working at a bank on Boston's North Shore, I won a prestigious National award for creative uses of technology in the banking world. The job offers came rolling in, as well as the lucrative pay increases, but I could see that a life in the corporate world would not lead to my happiness. After wrestling with my questions about my faith life, I secretly began to attend Catholic Masses. I was awestruck by the mystery and genius of the Mass and, eventually, my curiosity led me to accept the Catholic faith after participating in the R.C.I.A. process at St. Paul's Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

My first encounter with the Jesuits was when I was working at St. Paul's. Deacons and theology students from Weston Jesuit School of Theology would often visit and participate in the faith life of the parish and I was impressed with the knowledge, energy and enthusiasm of these theologians. While several priests kept nudging me to consider the priesthood, I continued to resist, but finally relented at one of their requests. I would see a spiritual director to at least begin a conversation about my faith. It was at this time that I met Fr. Ken Hughes, who skillfully and patiently helped guide through my prayer movements. Fr. Hughes always helped me consider what God wanted for me. After three years of spiritual direction, I was fairly sure I would like to consider becoming a Jesuit, so I waited until I could find true consolation from God.

I made an Ignatian pilgrimage to Spain with fellow companions from St. Ignatius Church at Boston College in May 1996. It was there in the midst of the lands where Inigo de Loyola lived, studied, and ministered, that I received the confirmation that I sought. Only then could I give away all my possessions, sell my car and my condo, leave my job and friends with whom I worked for ten years, and enter the exciting life of a Jesuit.

Since entering the Jesuits, I have enjoyed many aspects of living life as a Jesuit -- life in community, profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, prayer and reflection, studying and working at diverse apostolates. Life as a Jesuit can be challenging, but God has led me here and has well taken care of me, and I do find much happiness in talking with God and working to build up his kingdom on earth.

With you always

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